Jianling Yue

Jianling Yue
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Jianling Yue has many years of experience teaching novice to advanced Chinese to students of different ages and from over 40 countries, in environments ranging from academic institutions and educational companies to the US Army DLIFLC (Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center); in locations including both China and the U.S.; with class settings of large and small groups in team-teaching, one-on-one, and classroom, online and blended learning environments. Her teaching in all subjects has been widely commended as outstanding, earning numerous awards.

Yue’s academic interests and publications span Chinese linguistics and pedagogy, second language acquisition, Chinese character evolution and grammar instruction, Chinese textbook compilation, Shanxi Yuanping dialect research, and English-Chinese translation. In addition, Yue is dedicated to curriculum development, teacher training, coordinating Study Abroad and Immersion Summer Camp programs, organizing student activities, and delivering lectures on Chinese culture such as Chinese traditional paper-cut artwork.

Her published work includes A Dictionary of Chinese Usage: 8000 Words (HSK), An Initial Study on Diplomatic Language, Use of Communicative Principle in Individual Chinese Teaching for Diplomatic Missions, Some Pedagogical Methods for Teaching the Non-native Chinese Speakers in Elementary and Secondary Schools, and several series of textbooks including Standard Chinese, Elementary and Intermediate Standard Chinese (Indonesian Edition), andExperiencing Chinese (Experiencing Chinese: Living in China; Experiencing Chinese 100: Living in China; Experiencing Chinese: Official Communication in China; Experiencing Chinese 100: Official Communication in China).[J1]

“I am currently interested in authoring a Chinese grammar book with a focus on the functional usage of grammar structures, classroom teaching strategies, design of task-based activities, and assistance with students’ self-learning. I am also very passionate about teaching with technology and developing students’ Chinese proficiency in immersive intelligent learning environments.” Yue said.

The recent project that Jianling Yue has worked on with other professors at DLIFLC was the compilation of a Chinese Reading & Writing textbook for over 600 students in a 63-week intensive course.


M.A., Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Kansas State University

M.A., Chinese Linguistics and Pedagogy, Beijing Language and Culture University

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