Research Opportunities & User Studies

The Cognitive and Immersive Systems Laboratory (CISL) welcomes new ideas and collaborations year-round. CISL research information sessions, research positions, and user studies are posted via Joblink as they become available. Feel free to contact Maura Sarat with any administrative questions about CISL Research Opportunities.

Administrative Contact

Maura Marsett
Administrative Coordinator 
Phone: 518-276-6354


In a collaboration between Rensselaer and IBM Research, the Cognitive and Immersive Systems Laboratory (CISL) invites students interested in conducting research with us to attend an information session Thursday, April 30th @ 1:30 pm

Covid-19 Update: Following the state and university guidelines, HUMAINE organizers have decided to host this year's competition online via a web browser instead of running it in the on-campus immersive environment. At some future date, if conditions safely permit, we may demonstrate some of the submitted agents in the immersive environment. This does not affect how participants write/submit their code for now.

Following ANAC guidance, we have extended our deadlines for participants to submit their code.