CISL Research

Scientific Exploration and Discovery

Scientific exploration and discovery is the newest use case for the Situations Room Infrastructure. The room both learns from and works with experts to transform the decision-making process from an open-loop to a closed-loop with feedback from experts in the room. The first scenario focuses on a group collaboration framework to improve the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer using a human in the loop architecture. It will be demonstrated through medical image informatics and interactive machine learning with human-in-the-loop as a better alternative. Preliminary results show that using a framework in the form of a cognitive room is better for multifaceted tasks like these.

Active Researchers: 
  • Hui Su — Project Director | Director, CISL
  • David Allen — User Experience & Visualization Design | Research Associate, CISL
  • Robert Rouhani — Developer | Media Integration Specialist, CISL
  • Bulent Yener — PI / Co-Principal Investigator, Hidden Object / Restaurant Game | Professor, Computer Science
  • Aritra Chowdhurry — Lead researcher | PhD Candidate, Computer Science
  • Lilit Balagyozyan — User Experience Design | BS Candidate, Mechanical Engineering, Design Innovation & Society
  • Samuel Chabot — Sonification | PhD Candidate, Architectural Acoustics