Situation Room Infrastructure

Situation Room Infrastructure

Project Description

This Situations Room Infrastructure (SRI) is the core of the technical innovations developed for cognitive and immersive rooms. This infrastructure enables multimodal group-computers dialog, learning and understanding of group activities, reasoning, planning and facilitation of collaborative decision-making. The first use case enabled by the SRI is in the area of mergers and acquisitions. The technologies from the project have laid the foundation for all other CISL use cases.


Hui Su
Project Director | Founding Director, CISL
Human Computer Interaction, Cognitive User Experience, Visual Analytics, Cloud Computing, Neural Networks

Research Staff

david allen
User Experience & Visualization Design | Research Associate
Computational Design, Visualization, Natural Interfaces, Live Performance
Jeffrey O. Kephart
System Design & Development | Distinguished Research Staff Member
Autonomic Computing, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Energy Consumption


Jon Mathews
Spherical microphone array | Ph.D. Candidate, Architecture
Spherical microphone array
Xiangyang Mou
Developer | Ph.D., Computer Systems Engineering
Deep Learning, Multimodality, NLP, HCI
Matthew Peveler
Reasoning & Planning | Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science
The usage of theory of mind reasoning and planning in cognitive and immersive systems