Hui Su
Director, CISL
Human Computer Interaction, Cognitive User Experience, Visual Analytics, Cloud Computing, Neural Networks
Jonas Braasch
Associate Professor/Associate Center Director
Spatial Hearing, Intelligent Music Systems
Selmer Bringsjord
logic and artificial intelligence, foundations of artificial intelligence and cognitive science, computational creativity
Jim Hendler
Director, Institute for Data Exploration and Applications and Tetherless World Chair of Computer, Web and Cognitive Sciences
Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, World Wide Web / Web Science
Qiang Ji
Computer Vision, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Machine Learning, Affective Computing, Human Behavior and State Modeling, Monitoring, and Recognition , Natural Human and Machine Interactions , Active Information Fusion for Situation Awareness and Decision Making under Uncertainty
Shawn Lawson
Professor and Department Head, Arts
live coding, realtime graphics, art and machine learning, computational sublime, visualization
Marjorie McShane
Associate Professor
physiological simulation, emotion modeling, natural language processing
Richard J. Radke
computer vision, video processing, human-scale, occupant-aware environments, social signal processing, video analytics, smart lighting, visual effects, radiotherapy
Mei Si
Associate Professor
Embodied Conversational Agent, Interactive Narrative, Emotion Modeling, Emotion Detection, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Multi-agent System
Lirong Xia
Assistant Professor
computational social choice, game theory, mechanism design, machine learning, decision making under uncertainty, prediction markets
Bulent Yener
Director, Data Science Research Center
complex networks, bioinformatics, medical informatics, security and privacy, computer networks, combinatorial optimization
Yalun (Helen) Zhou
Assistant Professor
applied linguistics and educational linguistics, narrative-based, game-enhanced Chinese learning, learning English/Chinese as a second/foreign language

Affiliated Faculty

Benjamin Chia-Ming Chang
Director of GSAS and Professor
virtual reality, experimental games, interactive installation, open source software
Kelvin Qin
Senior Manager, IBM Research, China
Silvia Ruzanka
Sr. Lecturer
Lee Sheldon
Professor of Practice
Game design and development, Multi-player games, Simulation

Research Staff

IBM Research Staff

Michael P. Perrone
AI Partnerships Program Director | +1.914.945.1779

Oktie Hassanzadeh
Research Scientist, IBM Research AI
Kavitha Srinivas
Research Staff Member, IBM Research AI
Mark D. Feblowitz
Engineer/Architect, Awareness for Scenario Planning
Rachel Bellamy
Distinguished Research Staff Member
Shiyu Chang
Researcher, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab
Arun K. Iyengar
Research, Development, and Consulting
Jeffrey O. Kephart
Distinguished Research Staff Member
Dakuo Wang
Research Staff Member - Human-Computer Interaction
Mo Yu
Research Staff Member, AI Foundations Lab

Former Research Staff

Robert Rouhani
Media Integration Specialist, CISL


Zev Battad
Ph.D. Candidate, Cognitive Science
Shannon Briggs
PhD Candidate in Communication and Media
Matthew Carlson
B.S. Computer Science, Game and Simulations Arts and Sciences
Samuel Chabot
Ph.D. Candidate, Architectural Acoustics
Albert Chang
PhD Candidate, Architectural Acoustics
Yueqing Dai
B.S. Communications & Media, Games & Simulation Arts & Sciences
Rahul R. Divekar
PhD Candidate, Computer Science
Devavrat Jivani
PhD Student: Electrical Engineering
Maria Khodak
Undergraduate Researcher
Guangyong Li
B.S. Computer Systems Engineering
Hongyang Lin
B.S. Computer Science, Games & Simulation Arts & Sciences
Jon Mathews
Ph.D. Candidate, Architecture
Fernando Mauri
B.S. Management Information Systems
Giovanni Morales
Game Designer / Technical Producer
Xiangyang Mou
Ph.D., Computer Systems Engineering
Matthew Peveler
Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science
Gregory Saini
Undergraduate Researcher
Jeramey Tyler
Ph.D. Candidate, Cognitive Science
Kang Wang
Ph.D. Candidate, Electrical Engineering
Bingsheng (Arthur) Yao
Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science
Beiqi Zou
B.S. Computer Science, Mathematics
Huang Zou
B.S. Computer Science


Linnea Cajuste
B.S. Computer and Systems Engineering
Craig Carlson
M.S, Cognitive Science
Bohan Chen
B.S. Electronic Media, Art, and Communication (Interaction Design)
Aritra Chowdhurry
Ph.D. Computer Science
Boning Dong
B.S. Computer Systems Engineering, Cognitive Science
Janice Ho
B.S. Arts
William Kim
B.S. Design, Innovation, & Society
Ziyi Lu
B.S. Computer Science
Rose Clare Pisacano
B.E. Environmental Engineering
Corey Robinson
B.S. Games & Simulation Arts & Sciences
Gyanendra Sharma
Ph.D. Candidate, Electrical, Computers and System Engineering
Ziyi Song
B.S. Computer Software Engineering and Computer Science
Yue Wu
Ph.D. Electrical, Computers and System Engineering
Rui Zhao
Ph.D. Electrical, Computers and System Engineering