Arun K. Iyengar

Arun K
Research, Development, and Consulting

Arun Iyengar does research, development, and consulting in cloud computing and artificial intelligence at IBM's T.J. Watson Research Center. He has performed a considerable amount of past work in Web performance, caching, as well as fault-tolerant computing and high availability. His activities involve computer science research leading to publications and patents as well as software engineering leading to products, solutions for customers, and open source software.

Arun's work has been incorporated into several products (by IBM and other companies) as well as commonly used open source software. His caching and load balancing techniques are widely used to improve performance for Web sites and distributed applications. He has also developed widely used techniques for dynamically generating Web content which have been incorporated into Web content management systems as well as a widely used method for preserving state on the Web without using cookies. More recently, he has written software for improving the performance, functionality, and usability of cloud services. He is currently developing machine learning software for real data prediction problems faced by customers.

Arun is an IEEE Fellow, has won several Best Paper awards (see Selected Publications and/or Technical Work), has received the IFIP Silver Core Award, and has been named an IBM Master Inventor multiple times.


PhD in Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow

Master's degree in Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

BA Summa Cum Laude and with Distinction in Chemistry (with a minor in Computer Science), University of Pennsylvania

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