Browser Based Digital Sticky Notes for Design Thinking

The Design thinking process is a common process across a range of industries. The process, often utilizing sticky notes, has people coming together to collaboratively come up with ideas, aimed at deciding on features, functionality, sale-ability, etc. As part of the process, in its co-located set-up, users are moving around, creating temporary ad-hoc groupings, which help to drive new insights. In this demo, we show a web browser based sticky note application that caters to these co-located ideals, while utilizing ubiquitous interfaces, smartphones and regular TV screens. Users interact with the system through their phone, which gives them options to create notes and then utilize their camera to place or pick-up notes. The large shared screen utilizes a grid-based QR code system that allows for many simultaneous users onto the same screen, detecting where a user's camera is pointing, without blocking any other users using the system simultaneously.


Dacoda B. Nelson
Renato Cerqueira
"Browser Based Digital Sticky Notes for Design Thinking,"

DIS' 20 Companion: Companion Publication of the 2020 ACM Designing Interactive Systems Conference, July 2020, pp. 349–352.