Jaimie Drozdal

Jaimie Drozdal
Research Specialist

Jaimie Drozdal joined CISL as an undergraduate researcher in March of 2017. The CISL team brought Jaimie on for her wide-ranging knowledge of cognitive science and experience with IRB related matters. Upon graduating in May of 2017, she officially joined the team as a Research Assistant. Her responsibilities in the lab include running user studies. This consists of testing the functionality of different systems with users, as well as, collecting and analyzing data related to user interactions with the lab’s systems. Jaimie is responsible for managing IRB protocols and maintaining ethical research practices in the lab. She also conducts extensive literature review on topics related to developing projects. Then, she combines information from literature reviews and user studies and shares this information with the team during brainstorming and system development sessions.

In the coming years, Jaimie plans to attend Graduate school for her doctorate in Cognitive Science. She hopes to take her experiences and skills from CISL and apply them to further psychological research into group dynamics and social interactions.


B.S. in Cognitive Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Focus Area

User studies, Human-computer interactions, Second language learning, Group dynamics

CISL Projects

CISL Publications


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